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Pediatric Surgery & Laparoscopy

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Pediatrics Surgery & Laparoscopy

When your child needs help for a minor procedure or a major surgery, our paediatric general surgery unit at Little stars children’s hospital provides your child with the care they deserve. Our paediatric surgeons use both minimally invasive, laparoscopic techniques and conventional surgical approaches.

We understand that no operation is routine when it comes to your child. Here, your child will receive exceptional surgical care that is as comprehensive as it is compassionate.

We ensure your child gets care specially tailored for children, brought to you by multidisciplinary team of experts in the field.

The well-trained team can conduct neonatal surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, urology, minimal invasive surgery and thoracic surgery.

Paediatric surgery at Surya Hospital is offered in a warm, family-friendly environment, where parents and caregivers are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their child before and after surgery.

The team works with comprehensive & state of the art surgical services consisting of two ultra-modern modular operation theatres equipped with HEPA filtered air circulating systems, LED light source with inbuilt camera and the most advanced full high definition 1288 endoscopic unit, a facility to operate even on small babies and complicated thoracic surgeries.

Our surgical services are supplemented by Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery, ENT, Neuro-surgery and other surgical specialties under one-roof, making it more accessible for needy.

PaediatricNeurology: Paediatric Neurology is a unique specialty and requires well – trained and experienced specialists. In fact, in many developed countries, Paediatric Neurology is considered as a vital input for the early diagnosis of neurology disorders-slow learning, genetic disorders and a range of nervous system disorders amongst infants and growing children. Little Star Children's Hospital Views Paediatric Neurology as a specialty relevant to the existing needs. Our experience in this area clearly indicates that neurological disorders require early diagnosis, diligent follow up and experience – more than just being viewed as part of general paediatrics.

Meet Our Doctor

It is Headed by Dr. Ankush singh, DM Pediatricneurologist (AIIMS, NEW DELHI).

The most acclaimed pediatric surgeon across the nation with a high success rate & trusted for excellence.

Having one of the nation’s finest “State-Of-Art Modular Operating Theatres” our pediatric healthcare services are not only limited to surgery & care but extend beyond delivering holistic healing experience for the young ones and their family.

“Leading The Way In Medical Excellence…Leading You To Better Health”

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