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Pediatrics Nephrology

Dr. Mehul Shah is one of the few trained Paediatric Nephrologists in the country. Practicing Paediatric Nephrology exclusively for the past 18 years in Hyderabad, he evaluates on an average 6000 out-patient children annually and has performed 16 Paediatric kidney transplants.

Children who potentially ail from tubular disorders, or require haemodialysis, even in young children weighing ~10 kg, or a much-needed kidney transplant, they will find in Dr. Mehul A. Shah, Chief Paediatric Nephrologist an expert hand with an excellent record.

Under his guidance the Hospital is equipped to handle congenital and acquired kidney diseases. There are state-of-the-art facilities to perform acute and chronic haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT).

The Department can provide specialized care for children with complex urinary tract abnormalities who require dialysis and transplant service.

Meet Our Doctor

Headed By Dr. Mehul A. Shah, Chief Pediatric Nephrologist

One among the few specialized Pediatric Nephrologists in the country exclusively practicing over the past 13 years. Evaluates on an average of 7000 out-patient children annually & has an astonishingly high success rate climbing high over the years.

Outstanding Service:

  • Has been successful in managing tubular disorders, performed Haemodialysis in young children weighing – 10kg, and performed 20 pediatric kidney transplants.
  • Specializes in caring for children with complex urinary tract abnormalities that require dialysis and transplant service.

“The Best Pediatric Nephrology Healthcare Service…Now In The Hands Of Most Trusted Healthcare Specialist”

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